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The Beehive Montessori
At Shalden and Lindford
What to Expect

What you can expect when you choose to send your child to the Beehive.

Settling in - Every child is a unique individual and will settle with us in their own way. With this in mind we adapt our settling in procedure for each child. We will discuss this with you on your first visit.

Key Person - Every child is allocated a key person before they start at the Beehive. This person will aim to build a relationship with you and your child and is your first point of contact. The key person is responsible for monitoring your child’s progress and updating his or her learning Journal.

Learning Journals - Each Child has an online learning Journal called tapestry, we aim to keep them updated regularly.

Parents, carers and other setting are encouraged to contribute to the learning journal.

2 Year Progress Checks - Children who start with us between the age of two and three will receive a two year progress check, usually around six weeks after their main start date and Parents receive a written report. This check will identify any significant emerging concerns and provides an opportunity to liaise with other professionals if appropriate. Please let us know if a previous setting or child-minder has already conducted a two year check.

Special Educational Needs (SEN) - We are an inclusive setting and aim to provide the best opportunities for all children attending the Beehive. If your child has an identified need speak to us about how we can best provide for the. Some issues are identified after children start pre-school. If we have any concerns we will speak with parents honestly and incorporate support where necessary.

A Typical Day



Breakfast is available between 9 and 9.30




(Flexible  start time)


The morning consists of The Montessori Work cycle or choosing time. A time of Child led learning where staff carefully observe direct and enhance high quality play opportunities.


The Full range of activities are available including:



Montessori Practical life and Sensorial activities. Arts and crafts, stories, sand, water, messy and quiet play, Meaningful role play, stories, songs, bug hunting, Maths and language activities. Gross motor play, climbing, balancing riding scooters etc. Children are given time to become fully engaged in their activities so are usually only interrupted at natural points in their play.

Free flow to the outdoor learning environment. (All areas of the EYFS are provided both inside and out).


A Snack is available during this time. Children help to prepare a healthy snack where they use their fine motor skills and learn about the food they are preparing. They eat in small groups as they feel hungry. Washing up facilities are provided for the children.


The morning will usually incorporate a



Circle Time. Group activities including topic discussion, stories and songs, language skills, Montessori games, music, movement and drama.






Songs, Stories, Poems



(Flexible Home-time throughout the afternoon)




Lunch Time







Packed lunches eaten together.

Followed by Calm Free Play encouraged, indoors or outdoors.





Lindford finish time (this will increase as soon as possible)






Individual or group activities



(Summer term P.E. including independently changing into gym clothes).






Beehive Closes

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